My Sketches

10+10 Sketches

For these sketches I was tasked with sketchng 10 ways of connecting two phones and then creating 10 variations of those initial 10 designs

10+10 sketches 1-5 10+10 sketches 6-10

10+10 variations 1-4 10+10 variations 5-10

Design for Others Sketches

For these sketches my goup and I brainstormed and sketched different ideas for redesigning the Harrisonbug Ciy public schools website for the audience of high school seniors

HCPS ideas sketch 1 HCPS ideas sketch 2

HCPS ideas sketch 3 HCPS ideas sketch 4

In Class Sketches

These sketches were done as part of in class activities

Drawing while hearing a story Sketching oursleves from memory

Copying an image Sketching upside down

Sketches for saving a contact in your phones Sketching an idea that was presented to us